The Trinity Project

In our most exciting and immersive mission yet, a group of Neo-Luddite terrorists have hidden a nuclear warhead somewhere in downtown Victoria. You have only 90 minutes to crack codes, investigate leads and dodge security lasers with the fate of civilization in your hands. Can your squad of elite S.P.I.E.S. find the terrorist hideout and deactivate the bomb without sparking the apocalypse?!

Genre: Spies
Difficulty: 4/5 locks = "Challenging" Difficulty
Max Capacity: 10 players
Recommended Group Size: 5-8
Minimum Age: School Age (at least one adult must play)
Time Limit: 1.5 hours
Visceral: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Scare: 0/5
Team-Work: 4/5
Role Play: 5/5