You are a deep cover agent for the Secret Pact of Infiltration/Exfiltration Specialists (S.P.I.E.S.), an elite agency specializing in freelance espionage for the most elusive of clients. You and the rest of your sleeper cell have just received activation orders. Report to Agent X for your mission briefing.

What You Will Need:

  • comfortable shoes & weather appropriate clothing.
  • a fully functioning smart phone (with charging cable, just in case).
  • teammates with diverse skills and knowledge.
  • cunning, wits & a sense of adventure.

Communication is vital for any spy, and a fully functional smartphone is an essential basic tool. Wherever possible every agent should have one, along with the charging cable, “just in case.” Spies without such a device should accompany a squad leader so equipped.

What should my smartphone have on it?

  • SMS texting.
  • data.
  • full audio and video media capacity.
  • a charged battery.