Turning Escape Rooms Inside-Out


Urban Jungle Adventures is an indoor/outdoor escape-style adventure. Developed by Victoria Escape Games, it puts an innovative outdoors spin on the traditional escape room. A blend of scavenger hunt, geocaching and escape room, there is no simulated confinement. You and your squad of secret agents roam the streets of Victoria following clues to your objective, then infiltrate *into* an indoor puzzle room.

Rather than being put into a room and have to solve your way out, your squad has to solve clues to find the location of the hideout anywhere in the city, then infiltrate into the room to disarm the bomb. We are literally “turning escape rooms inside-out!”


In our most exciting and immersive mission yet, a group of Neo-Luddite terrorists have hidden a nuclear warhead somewhere in downtown Victoria. Crack codes, investigate leads and dodge security lasers with the fate of civilization in your hands. Can your squad of elite S.P.I.E.S. find the cult hideout and deactivate the bomb without sparking the apocalypse?!


You can now choose to play The Trinity Project as the full 90-minute game that starts with an outdoor puzzle-hunt and ends with a more traditional indoor escape game, or players can choose to skip the outdoor puzzle-hunt and play an abbreviated 60-minute indoor-only version.

The full 90 minute version is for those who want to experience the most innovative and unique SPIES adventure the city has to offer, while getting some exercise and exploring downtown Victoria as part of the fun.

The 60 minute indoor version follows a traditional escape room format and is more suitable for those groups who are sensitive to potential adverse weather conditions or who may have mobility issues that make the extensive walking involved in a puzzle-hunt undesirable.

The Trinity Project


Genre: Espionage/Adventure/True Crime
Location: UNDISCLOSED Downtown Victoria Location
Setting: Optional Indoor/Outdoor or Indoor Only
Difficulty: 3/5 locks = "Moderate" Difficulty
Max Capacity: 12 players
Recommended Group Size: 5-8
Minimum Age: 8-years, at least one adult must play.
Time Limit: 60 Minutes for Indoor Version, 90 Minutes for Outdoor Version
Booking Time: 2 hours
Visceral: 4/5
Story: 5/5
Scare: 0/5
Team-Work: 3/5
Role Play: 3/5


You are a deep cover agent for the Secret Pact of Infiltration/Exfiltration Specialists (S.P.I.E.S.), an elite agency specializing in freelance espionage for the most elusive of clients. You and the rest of your sleeper cell have just received activation orders. Report to Agent X for your mission briefing.

What You Will Need:

  • comfortable shoes & weather appropriate clothing.
  • a fully functioning smart phone (with charging cable, just in case).
  • teammates with diverse skills and knowledge.
  • cunning, wits & a sense of adventure.

Communication is vital for any spy, and a fully functional smartphone is an essential basic tool. Wherever possible every agent should have one, along with the charging cable, “just in case.” Spies without such a device should accompany a squad leader so equipped.

What should my smartphone have on it?

  • SMS texting.
  • data.
  • full audio and video media capacity.
  • a charged battery.



60-MINUTE INDOOR GAME:  $25/player*
90-MINUTE OUTDOOR GAME:  $29/player*


* Minimum Booking = 5 Players
(you can play with less, but must pay for minimum of 5).
Taxes Extra. All Bookings are Private.

Advance Booking Required:

Same-day short-notice bookings are possible, staff and availability permitting.
To inquire about a same-day booking please send a text message:
778-746-2230 (TEXT ONLY)




Voice or Text Message:

(250) 800-0120